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Tempmail Free Temporary

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Tempmail Get your

Tempmail FakeMail

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Tempmail FakeMail

Tempmail Disposable Temporary


FakerMail's 60 minute email account is also great for public Wi-Fi sign-up pages, forums, blogs, comment sections and other places you might not frequent often and would rather keep your actual account safe from.

  • Can other people access to my Temp Mail? Save your mailbox as a bookmark To have a quick access to your mailbox, you can also save your mailbox as a direct bookmark in your web browser.

  • You get a secure and free disposable email address, which has nothing to do with your personal information.

  • Tempr.


And every week, fresh new domains are added.

  • Then you just need to get the refresh button to get the latest open and used messages.

  • This is both a inconvenience and a feature.

  • You will not get any of the unwanted e-mails to your private email address.

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