As sajdah - 5 Surah Sajdah Benefits Virtues of Chapter 32

Sajdah as Surah As

Sajdah as 5 Surah

Sajdah as As

Sajdah as 32. Surah

32. Surah As

Sajdah as As

Sajdah as Surat As

Sajdah as Surah As

Surah As Sajdah

Sajdah as Qur'an Wiki

Sajdah as Surah As

Sajdah as 5 Surah

Chapter 32, As

Dan apakah tidak menjadi petunjuk bagi mereka, berapa banyak umat sebelum mereka yang telah Kami binasakan sedangkan mereka sendiri berjalan di tempat-tempat kediaman mereka itu.

  • Then He mounted the throne.

  • Ali Say: "On the Day of Decision, no profit will it be to Unbelievers if they then believe! Surah al-Inshiqaq 84:21 15.

  • In the 15th Ayat of Surah as-Sajdah [The Prostration], there is a place of Sajdah [prostration] and this Ayat has 15 words.

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which have been discovered in Yaman as a result of modern archaeological research and investigation, reveal that a monotheistic religion existed there in that age, whose followers acknowledged ar-Rahman the All-Merciful and Rabb-us-sama walard Lord of the heavens and earth alone as the One and only deity.

  • It establishes peace, understanding and cooperation between them and all universal forces.

  • If Allah does not permit, none of them has the power to intercede for you before Him.

  • The main theme of the Surah is to remove the doubts of the people concerning Monotheism Tawhid , the Hereafter, the Prophethood and to invite them to all these three realities.