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  • On-line help with using the Geology Digimap, and understanding the geological data and their use in Digimap and GIS software.

  • A simple data download facility so that the maps you view can be downloaded to your computer for use in a Geographic Information System GIS or image processing software.

  • Select the 2 maps you want to compare — in the image below, we have selected Ordnance Survey on the right and Aerial on the left.

Digi map / India

The Map selector tool is found on the map window and is used to select different maps to view in the map window.

  • These include• As such, the data included in Pilot Digimap are subject to revision and update.

  • These are available at no additional charge upon agreement to the institutional sub-licence.

  • Ther datae includes detailed information on building locations and 3D footprints, height, building use, and residential type classifications.

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