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Houtarou oreki Hyouka (TV

Houtarou oreki Houtarou Oreki

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Houtarou oreki Oreki Houtarou

Houtarou oreki hyouka

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Houtarou oreki Oreki Houtarou

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Houtarou oreki 20 Mind

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Houtarou oreki Oreki


He later realises that he does indeed have feelings for Eru, describing it as "how Satoshi was feeling" while talking about Mayaka.

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  • During that trip, Houtarou wasn't quite active as he suffered from being carsick on the journey to the inn, and the only mystery he solved was a mystery about a ghost of a hanged man in the unused guest room at the inn.

  • As Mayaka, Satoshi and Eru did their best to advertise Hyouka anthology, Houtarou ended up in a "straw millionaire" situation, when he conducted multiple trades, getting one thing for another starting from the broken fountain pen he received from Tomoe when he was leaving for school.

Tackling Thematics

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  • Satoshi joined the Classic Lit Club as well.

  • He can also be kind and he does care about his friends, which is shown in the case of Mayaka's Valentine chocolate when he got angry at Satoshi for stealing and breaking it, as Satoshi disregarded Mayaka's feelings and tried to avoid answering her confession.

  • May 22, 2014• Houtarou was not always this energy conserving person who would not do anything unless he is forced to, or has to.

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